What we do

We’re skilled professionals who help you work through communication, money, and parenting issues to create a happier future. 


Let's do this together

There is potential for conflict in all relationships. We use a mediation-centred model to help resolve issues and restore open communication. 


We will support you from beginning to end

As you work with our professionals, who are skilled in the areas of relationship dynamics,  communication, finance, and parenting, we'll provide a safe space to express your concerns and reach agreements based on open communication and mutual understanding.

A comprehensive plan that works

We will help you to craft a creative, comprehensive plan that meets your needs and goals as a family and as individuals. This plan may also form the basis for a cohabitation, marriage, or separation agreement that is proactive and enduring.

Follow-up to help you stay on track

We'll help you stay accountable to each other and growing happily together. And as things change (and they always do!), we'll proactively help you adjust your plan.


We'll help you through them

Our experienced professionals support you, whether you’re just starting out, looking to revitalize your current relationship, wanting to repair a family or work relationship, or dealing with a transition.

The most constructive solutions come out of a thoughtful, respectful process. Our mediation model offers a comprehensive, solutions-oriented process that is focussed on tangible, constructive outcomes.

In our three-month design program, our expertise in mediation, financial planning, and family coaching provides you with a safe space to share your wishes and concerns openly, laying the foundation for a strong, successful relationship.

Your relationship plan may include: negotiating a detailed communication plan, or a blended family parenting plan, or a comprehensive, enduring cohabitation or marriage agreement.

Throughout a marriage or long-term relationship, each partner changes and grows as life events happen and priorities shift. If the relationship doesn’t evolve with the changes, it may not last. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Our three month (re)design program acknowledges that difficult conversations about finances, children, household responsibilities, and intimacy are essential and need to happen to reinvigorate your commitment. Together we can work on creating the future you want.

Conflict within families can often be among the most challenging to resolve as they are rooted in many different causes, including complex dynamics, past trauma, unspoken rules and expectations, conflicting feelings, resistance to change, and underlying fears.

We use our extensive training in family dynamics and mediation to help you uncover and safely express your family's expectations, goals, pain, and fears so that strained or ruptured relationships can be healed and new paths forward can be constructively forged.

The most constructive solutions come out of a thoughtful, respectful process. Our mediation model offers a comprehensive, solutions-oriented process that is focussed on tangible, constructive outcomes.

Separation and divorce is a time of significant stress, vulnerability, and change – even if your situation is amicable. You deserve to work with experienced and compassionate professionals who hear your goals, understand what is important to you, and can help you balance how you feel today with what you need for tomorrow.

As experienced mediators and facilitators, our team is highly skilled at repairing relationships and restoring a healthier environment for all those impacted by a workplace conflict.

Mediation supports your team to take responsibility for the situation and the outcome, while identifying shared perspectives that foster creative, mutually-beneficial, and sustainable solutions.


This is your future

Our approach is effective, confidential, and voluntary, which allows you to determine your own outcome. It’s both time and cost-effective and leads to mutually-beneficial, enduring resolutions. A mediation-centred model is key to bridging differences through understanding and building mutual agreement.