Our Team Approach

In any situation where people work together, live together, share a life together, there is the possibility for differences of opinion and conflict. It’s our role to assist people to bridge the conflict, resolve the underlying issues, and restore open communication and a peaceful relationship.

Mediation is an effective, confidential, and voluntary process which allows you to determine your own outcome. It’s time and cost effective, and leads to mutually-beneficial, enduring resolutions. Mediation is about bridging differences through understanding and building mutual agreement.

Working with our team of professionals with expertise and experience in mediation, financial planning, therapy, and family law, we provide a safe space so that every participant's concerns are addressed, and agreements are reached as a result of open communication and understanding. We believe having meaningful dialogue about difficult and sensitive matters paves the way to strong, successful relationships going forward.

"Sometimes it's better than you could even possibly imagine once you've arrived there. You can't even pretend to guess what it could be."

"You three made this process so much better than it could have been.  I very much appreciated your expertise, insight, and compassion for us both." - RH