About us

We take a forward-focussed approach.


A mediation-centred model

We're Change Builders. We provide wrap-around relational care. We break the patterns of structural norms. We offer creative, efficient, and effective guidance through the process of (re)designing your relationship(s).

We offer a structured, three-month process with ongoing follow up support for anyone seeking to (re)design their relationship(s), whether you’re:

wanting to start a new relationship on a solid footing
wishing to restore harmony and a shared-vision to your current relationship(s)
facing a transition out of your long-term relationship
looking to repair a disrupted family or work place relationship
needing a succession plan for your family business

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Wrap-around care

In a positive, respectful, and compassionate space, our professionals seek to understand your personal situation, explore practical options, and support you to create a new vision of your relationship(s) and your family.

You'll leave our process with a complete plan that can include financial, communication, and parenting components, and a schedule of follow-up support and accountability, so that you can move forward together in mutual compassion and understanding.

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Effective and lasting solutions for families

Angiola Oddo founded The Change Builders out of a strong desire to create a more effective, successful, and positive process for people going through relationship changes, one that is grounded in future-focussed connection.

Angiola is a speaker, space holder, and compassionate architect for the future of interpersonal relationships. She and The Change Builder team members are forward-focussed, trauma-informed, progressive family and relationship mediators who work passionately in today’s shifting landscape of relationship and family norms. They understand inclusivity, diversity, and complexity. They invite you to consider that what challenges us the most is also the most hopeful and potentially transformative.

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