About us

We take a team-to-plan approach.


A mediation-centred model

We're Change Builders — teams of professional practitioners that include mediation specialists, financial specialists, and family counsellors/coaches, who provide integrated and efficient guidance through the process of redesigning your marriage or common-law relationship, including blending families.

We offer mediation-centred services for cohabitation and marriage agreements, and family negotiation/conflict of any kind (eg. parents-teens, parents-adult children, family business succession planning).

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A team approach

Within a positive, respectful, and compassionate space, our teams understand your personal situation, explore practical options, and support you to create a new vision of your relationship and family.

You'll leave with a complete plan that includes financial, communication, and parenting components along with scheduled follow-up, so that you can move forward together with accountability and confidence.

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Effective and lasting solutions for families

Angiola Oddo founded The Change Builders out of a strong desire to create a more effective, successful, and positive process for people going through relationship changes. As a mediator, facilitator and coach, her passion for resolving conflict through negotiation and for supporting people to create effective and long-lasting solutions has been a hallmark of her life's work.

Known as a bridge-builder, Angiola uses her passion for working with people and her exceptional skills to help clients negotiate cohabitation, marriage and separation agreements, workplace conflict resolutions and team building.

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