Allison Rice

Therapist, Family Coach

As an Individual and Family Therapist, Allison's focus is on giving families dignity and respect in the face of their most troubling times. Through her work, she discovers that individuals are unique, skilled, resourced, strong and courageous, which allows her to meet them in their preferred ways, despite the devastating impact of their current situations. People in the midst of divorce are impacted by stress, worry, fear, judgement, and isolation. From her belief that people are so much more than the emotions they show, she finds that she can instantly connect with them and circumvent the ways problems are showing up in their lives. 

Allison has an extensive background in Counselling Psychology, Narrative Therapy, and Collaborative Divorce Training. She is also a Certified Divorce Coach. Her inspiration comes from the relationships she builds with her clients; their humour, humility and courage drives her to continue creating an ethic of care.

In her play time, Allison loves to listen to music, be in nature and play badminton. Adding to her creative reportoire is her talent for circus performing!

Together with Angiola and Madhu, Allison provides the emotional and coaching support necessary for change.

Angiola Oddo

Mediator, Facilitator, Coach

Throughout her 25 year career, Angiola has been known for her ability to negotiate settlements, long before no-court dispute resolution processes were common. Her passion for resolving conflict through negotiation, and for supporting people to create effective, long-lasting solutions to conflict has been a hallmark of her life work. Known as the “bridge builder”, Angiola uses her passion for working with people and her exceptional skills to help clients negotiate cohabitation, marriage, and separation agreements, workplace conflict resolutions and team building, succession planning, and estate conflicts.

Her in-depth work as a mediator helps clients to peacefully reach creative agreements that incorporate their highest values and best meets their needs. She supports them to find healthy ways of resolving conflict that have respect and openness at the core, and that take into consideration the interests of all those involved. In her time away from work, Angiola loves to give her energy to volunteer activities, as well as spend time with her family.

Together with Madhu and Allison, Angiola provides the legal framework necessary for change.

Madhu Kanwar

Financial Divorce Specialist

As a Financial Divorce Specialist, Madhu has a passion for finding creative solutions that help people move forward.  After experiencing the confusion and expense of divorce in her own life, she recognizes the importance of financial clarity for couples and families going through the process. Believing that there is a far better way than the usual expense and overwhelm, she is inspired by the relief her clients experience as they find a resolution to their current situation. She loves helping them focus on their future and seeing them discover a different way forward.

Madhu's experience gives her clients a well-rounded, concise view of their financial situation, and allows them to see a different perspective. With over 12 years of working in the financial field, she has gathered a vast array of skills that she is proud to pass along to her clients to help their process. Specifically, she has over a decade of experience at RBC and CIBC as a Certified Financial Planner, is a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist, holds a CFA charter, as well as an MBA. Alongside her business, Madhu loves spending time with her children, practicing yoga and meditation, as well as furthering her interpersonal skills in workshops.

Together with Angiola and Allison, Madhu provides the financial support necessary for change.