Mediation is Like a Well-Tailored Suit

May 7, 2019

Choosing mediation is like choosing a well-tailored suit.

When you’re not too fussy about the style and cut of your suit, when the quality and fit won’t have a big impact on your life, then going to One-Style-For-All Tailor will do the trick. You may not be particularly happy with the suit, but it will do alright for what you need.

But when it really matters, when you’re attending a very important event where your appearance makes a statement about you, when you want to feel really good in what you're wearing, that’s when you want to have that hand-made, fine-Italian wool, expertly tailored suit. You want the suit that was created just for you, and that fits you perfectly. The same is true for mediation.

The purpose of mediation is to help a separating family transition in the most respectful way, where the needs of everyone involved are taken care of. It’s a customizable process facilitated by a trained mediator in which all aspects of your separation are discussed in a compassionate and safe environment. You and your spouse co-create a highly personalized solution for yourselves and your family, a solution that is unlike anyone else’s, a solution that has lasting, positive effects.

Much like that well-tailored suit, the time, energy and attention to detail poured into it will yield a long-lasting, well-made product. It’s a suit you will want to live in and you will want to wear for a long time, because it fits you like a glove and you had a role in creating it.