New beginnings. Healthy outcomes.

The most constructive solutions come out of a thoughtful, respectful process. Our team-based mediation model offers a comprehensive, solutions-oriented process that is focussed on constructive outcomes.

Separation and divorce is a time of significant stress, vulnerability, and change – even if your situation is amicable. You deserve to work with a team of experienced, compassionate professionals who hear your goals, understand what is important to you, and help you balance how you feel today with what you need for tomorrow.

Confidential. Cost-effective. Voluntary.

With our specially trained team of professionals working together for the benefit of your family:

  • You reach a solution that is crafted by you and your spouse, not imposed on you
  • Your settlement takes into account your greatest priorities and your highest values
  • It fosters open, creative, respectful dialogues
  • A team of professionals, each working in their area of expertise, is financially efficient and effective
  • The timetable is set by you, not by a judge
  • The process is confidential
  • You establish a respectful relationship with your former spouse and co-parent
  • Your newly configured family (with or without children) begins a new life in a more hopeful, peaceful, and healthy way
  • Children are protected from the harm of a bitter fight between their parents, and can develop a solid relationship with both parents, without feeling they need to pick sides