When family members struggle to get along

Family dynamics create many opportunities for conflict – parenting disputes between spouses, parents and teens, older parents and adult children, siblings, in-laws, family businesses, estates. Often families find it difficult to address these unresolved tensions, which can progress as far as complete ruptures between certain family members.

Mediation is a safe, effective process for resolving relationship driven conflict. Each family member has the opportunity to share their story of how the conflict began and how it affects them. Our skilled, caring mediation team supports families to openly address and resolve

  • Differences in parenting styles between spouses
  • Communication challenges between parents and teens
  • Conflict between siblings or in-laws
  • Conflict around how a family business is run or how to pass it along to the next generation
  • Disputes over estates

The Change Builders Approach

Conflict within families can often be among the most challenging to resolve as they are rooted in many different causes, including unspoken expectations, conflicting feelings, resistance to change, and underlying fears. We use our extensive training in family dynamics and team mediation to help clients uncover and safely express their goals, expectations, and fears so that a bridge can be built towards common ground, ruptured relationships can be healed, and new paths forward can be constructively forged.