An investment in your future

A Cohabitation Agreement or a Marriage Agreement allows you to make decisions in advance about important financial and family matters. It outlines how you and your partner will deal with key areas of your life during your relationship and if the relationship ends.

It is a valuable tool to minimize potential disputes over unspoken expectations and to set the foundation for effective communication and problem solving throughout your relationship.

Through open communication, and supported by our professional mediation, financial, and counselling team, you and your partner will come to an agreement about

  • How you will individually and jointly manage your finances
  • What are your personal and shared goals, and a plan to achieve them
  • How you will share the daily responsibilities of running a household together
  • What is your philosophy around having and raising children
  • How you will approach family commitments, such as taking care of aging parents or ailing family members
  • How you will share what you own, what you owe, and what your financial responsibilities are to one another if you decide to end your relationship.

The Change Builders Approach

Our highly experienced team of professionals with expertise in mediation, family law, financial planning, and counselling, provides partners with a safe space to share their wishes and concerns openly, supporting them to reach an enduring, comprehensive agreement that will lay the foundation of a strong, successful relationship.