3 Tips for Surviving the Post-Holiday Blues

January 14, 2019
Allison Rice

One of the things the New Year brings is excitement for a new start. You have lots of plans you’d like to start on, but on the downside, you don’t exactly start with a clean slate. Maybe you’re still stressed from seeing your in-laws over the holidays. Maybe you’ve carried over debt into the New Year. Once the holidays are over, it can be a bit jarring to jump back into reality. A new year is exciting, but also can feel overwhelming.

Here are 3 things to help you with your post-holiday blues:

1. Be gentle with yourself.

Slow down. Think about what you could do today to reach your goals. Be mindful as you go without setting unrealistic expectations for yourself. The New Year’s concept of setting resolutions can sometimes have us setting expectations that are too high. Celebrate the smaller shifts that happen and that build to a bigger change.

2. Invest in yourself.

The holiday season is very much about giving to others. There’s a lot of output and not so much input to ourselves. January may make you feel blue at first, but if you pause and start with self-care, you can take this time to recharge and explore what you want to achieve this year. Let yourself reflect on the past year and think about where you want to be at the end. Set a goal and say it aloud - then share it with someone else. Accountability is essential to keeping us on track.

3. Patience, persistence, and passion.

The three P’s that are keys to success. Be patient with yourself, be persistent in pursuing your goals, and pursue things that you are passionate about. It’s true that “good things come to those who wait”, so realizing that all goals take time will actually help you reach them faster, without the anxiety. If things don’t go the way you planned the first time, it’s OK. Realize that with persistence, they will happen. Keep going and you’ll be rewarded by a gem when you are least expecting it. Passion is your soul’s way of driving you forward. Especially in January when you don’t feel like it. Reflect on what “juices” you and keep searching for that. Surround yourself with people who love the same things and you’ll be creating a life you love.